Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The very first blog - bear with me please, I'm new to this shit.

OK, so I have finally succumbed to starting up a blog and getting down to the business of writing on a regular basis. This is commitment 101. It's public, it's out there and now, Jamie, you better get on with it.

To be honest, I haven't the faintest idea what a blog should be about so I have decided to treat this as a public diary. There won't be any secrets in here (so, those who know me, rest easy!). It will simply be an assortment of ramblings, observations, and general bullshit - a bit like a conversation with me really.

  • Expect - non-sequiturs.
  • Expect - randomness.
  • Expect - 

Yes, even unfinished sentences...

My rules will be simple - no censorship by your humble narrator, and no deleting of embarrassing ramblings that will cause me to cringe or redden with humiliation.

About freaking time, you might think.

(Freaking? Come on Jamie, you've broken your rules in the very first blog! The word you mean is "fucking" - or, more appropriately, "fukkin" - even "fucken" as it is often spelt on barely legible graffiti. Everyone knew I meant "fucken" so fucking say "fucken" if you mean it! Come man, stick with it!)

Okay, I think you get the drift. I cannot promise to be entertaining or inspiring - nor can I promise that future endeavours will be better, worse, or similar in quality and frivolity than this one. But I will take the effort to at least do something. If it's not every day, it will be every few days.

  • I'll do my best not to pick on easy targets (reality TV, Politicians, plane food...).
  • I'll do my best to avoid pretentiousness and over-indulgent usage of words (if I go too far, you can be assured that i have actually had to look them up in an on-line thesaurus anyway, so I've just spoiled any potential ego-trip for myself right there!).
  • I'll do my best to fix the "auto-correct" and pre-emptive text that computers employ at times (admittedly sometimes the typos are simply my own fat fingers no working like they should, but it's easier for me to blame technology because I don't fully understand it anyway).

Maybe this will be cathartic in some ways - opening my mind up and letting you in to comment/criticise/laugh. I might find the experience worthwhile and therefore it could lead to a whole new me. Some might say (cruelly) that this would be a desired outcome.

Well, that's about it for openers. I have no idea how long or short a blog should be so I'll just wing it and see what happens. If you want to comment, well, that's what true internet is for - to give a voice to people that can't/won't have one in real life.

If you made it this far, thank you,


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